Tessin / Schwitzerland

For two years I have been a member of the so called “Bayernkader", a youth-training-group organized by the Bavarian mountaineering clubs. At the moment we are around 14 kids (girls and boys) between 12 and 18 years old. Along with some climbing workshops and competition trainings we normally do two training trips per year. 2014 we were in Osp/Slovenia and in autumn we went for a bouldering trip to Tessin/Switzerland.

Both travels have been really nice. Big "Thanks" to Ines (Dull) and Andi (Hofmann). You did a great job. Highly appreciated. It`s always great fun to climb with my teammates. Right now we have a really talented group, which pushes each other to new limits. Cool. Really looking forward to this year’s activities.

In 2015 we started the season with a weekend workshop held by Andi and Hajo (Friederich). A physio who climbs pretty hard himself. He had a look at our weaknesses and showed us how to get rid of them. Individually. A real highlight right at the beginning of the year.

Pics: © Heiko Queitsch