St. Léger / France

Is it a holiday if there is no climbing involved? At least for myself the answer is easy - No. But where to go in the South of France, if it is beginning of June and hot? One possibility is St. Leger. Normally you think of that nice north sector, together with a small river and a cooling valley wind. But there is more....

That`s why, after my Para gliding-Safety-Training at Annecy, we jumped into our van and went to Geneva to pick up a Flo Lochner. A very talented climber and good friend of mine. Together we went directly down to Mt. Ventoux.

After two days we found, what we looked for. Not at the north sector but far west in the valley. The perfect crack in the area, for this time of the year. A long, steep, east facing cave. In the shade after 11 am. The place to be at this time of the year. Endurance routes as its finest.

We enjoyed ourself there the rest of week. At the end, we had been totally wracked. No more power at all. But what to expect, when you get only one rest day during t7 days;)
Climb, climb, climb. We did not have more time, because school. So go on, don`t rest. The rock quality and the scenery had been amazing and we definitely will come back. For sure.

PS: The two „senior boys“ you can watch at some of the pictures are „Tompa“ and „Andreas“. Both are Swedish. Real nice guys. They showed us, what`s possible if you stay in shape, even when you are a little older. Very impressive. „Hope to meet you guys again. Some when, some where. Give me a call when ever you plan to visit Schleier or Zillertal“