If there is snow, I am skiing. As often as I can. I love it.

My grandparents, and some of their friends, have been renting a small mountain hut for ages. It`s less than a two hour drive from our home. When I was young, we had been there almost every weekend. Learning to walk and starting to ski are almost the same in my memories.

The last seasons we went mostly for freeriding and ski touring. If there is enough snow, our area is pretty well-known for both. Unfortunately there seems to be a change in the weather the last years. Specially in the last two years, there was no good powder day at all. It would have been different in the Dolomites/Italy. That`s a four hours ride. But we did not want to drive that long just for a weekend. And there are some real nice climbing spots around our home, if we have good weather and less snow. The conditions there are excellent in wintertime.

Pics: © Ralf Heuber