Sardinien / Italy

Sardinia is one of my favorite places. Not only for climbing. I have been there quite often, but still enjoy every travel. When you love to camp in the countryside, like we do, there are just a few places like Sardinia left in Europe.

On top you have the opportunity to visit lots of different cracks. One better than the other. Of course, there is something like a hot spot, which is called Cala Gonone. But there is so much more to discover. It just depends on what you are looking for. Nice beaches, boulder areas, alpine walls, tons of sport climbing cracks, cool landscapes and good food.

The only thing you should be aware of is named “Ferragosta“, the traditional Italian holiday weeks around the middle of August. It always gets pretty busy during this period and much more expensive. Everything. Not only the ferry prices. If you pick any other time of the year for your visit, you are fine. Just grab a guidebook and explore the island. It is definitely worth it. Just go for it.

Pics: © Ralf Heuber