NOVA Mentor 4

New Season, new wing and a new harness. All at the same time. I know, that you should not try all of these together at once. But it just happened. Could not change it.

Why? At the end of the last year I managed to buy a used harness at a resonable price. Actually, I wanted to test it together with my old wing, but I was able to sell it spontaneously close before Christmas. You will not get such an opportunity every day, so I decided to renounce the harness test flight. As I could sell my LEGO-collection a few weeks before, I now had all the money needed for a new wing. Cool.

Guess this is my transition from teenager to aduld. Or is it just one more step at: "Small kids, small toys - big kids, big toys." ?

When NOVA noticed, that I had absolutly no wing anymore, they were very accommodating and sent me a size-S Mentor 4 as one of the first. Otherwise, I would have stayed on the ground for much longer.

Even though the flight yesterday was just a simple glide from the hill into a winter landscape, it was amazing. Before the start I was a little nervous. But this disappeared as soon as I was in the air. The wing handels very relaxed. Even for a person like me, who doesn´t have that much experience with different wings. All feels like it should. I´m really looking forward to my first safety training with the new Mentor 4.

PS: In the new teamcolours the wing looks great. Many Thanks NOVA!