Gorges du Tarn / France

2013, a friend of us recommended the "Gorge de Tarn“ as a summer destination. We thought, climbing and swimming in the river, would be a great combination. Actually it was. At least, as long as you are happy with getting up at sunrise and start climbing immediately. Then take a long break, if possible in the shade. Otherwise your motivation for a good evening session gets boiled. Start climbing again late in the afternoon and continue until it is dark. Because then, the conditions are best. After that you will cook your dinner in the moonlight.

My friend Flo(rian) Wintjes was with us. We have known each other for a long time. We are both not what`s called “early birds“. So we skipped getting up at sunrise almost every day. And so the morning climbing session. Staying in the shade the whole day is also not how we wanted to spend our summer holidays. So we had been kind of relaxed from the sunshine at some of the evening sessions as well. To complete the situation, during holidays my parents didn`t like to cook in the dark. So we often stopped our evening sessions earlier than we wanted, to make them happy. You realize, we could have done a lot more. But we are young and we still can learn a lot. On the other hand, we had a nice summer vacation.

There was one more thing which was extraordinary. It was the first time, I could fly my paraglider together with some vultures. Really impressive animals. Especially when they come close to you to check out what`s up.

Pics: © Ralf Heuber