Ft. Williams / Scotland

My trip to Scotland was special. Very special.

Since a couple of years I am sponsored by MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT and their German distribution.

Students in the 10. class of all Bavarian high schools have to do a trainee ship in a company of their choice. If possible in the local county. Tue do my personal contacts it was quite simple to ask MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT if I could spend the week in their office near to our home. „Yes. Shure. No problem. Join us, for this particular week.“ was the answer.

After a week, I got a mail: „High Flo, wouldn`t it be better for your English, if you spend your time at our headquater in Manchester? We could arrange that.“ I was absolutely happy with this idea. And then, there was ISPO. The big sport trade fare in Munich. I visited "the english guys" from ME to introduce myself and say "Hallo". The atmosphere was super nice and relaxed. I was happy right from the beginning.

But at the end of my short visit, they asked me something I did not expect at all: „Hey Flo, do you have any wishes, while you are in Manchester?“ . What should I say? Within such a trainee ship you normally do not have the opportunity to ask for anything special at all. So I had no idea what to answer. But as they asked me the same question a second time, I told them: „ If Dave McLeod is in the town, I would be very happy to join him for a climbing or boulder session“.

Two days later, I got another mail. Dave is not in England during this particular week. He stays at his home in Ft. Williams/Scotland during this time. About 800 km north. But I should not worry to much. ME already arranged a train ticket. Wow. Even now, one year later, I am still amazed from this support. A giant THANKX to Mountain Equipment to make all this happen.

The week itself was a very special experience. The welcome in Manchester. The accommodation at the private house of Richard. The train ride through the Scottish Highland. The stay at Dave`s home. Go bouldering in the highlands with Dave. All of its own would be worth a travel. And I could enjoy that, during my classmates got a propper instruction how to make office coffee or clean the warehouse.

Here, once again, a very warm "Thank You" to Dave for his hospitality. And that he allowed me to use his pictures on my website. Hope to see you again soon.

Pics: © Dave McLeod