Flight of the 3 generations

Sometimes we meet with my grandparents during our holidays. Family holidays change into „Holidays of generations“ then. They have been traveling their hole live. So why stop doing it, just because the age? To find a meeting point in the south of France, normally just takes minutes with them.

At the campground, I was really surprised, when my grandfather with his 77 years, took his new paraglider backpack out of his car. What this meant was very clear. He wanted to fly with us, like at the holidays we spent together last year.

With „St. Jean“ we found a very nice, small flying side right next to our climbing cracks. Just the wind at the take off was a little strong. But thats something a family can handle easily. My Dad and myself helped him, while he launched his glider. Normally, I guess he would have missed this flight, because in these days, he just starts his flights, when everything looks perfect. But with the little help of us, everything was easy for him and he took off two steps later.

For us it was the sign to get airborne as quick as possible. At the moment we took off, everything got very relaxed. There was a good lift everywhere. We could fly along the hole ridge, without any problem. It was a very nice feeling, to be alone at such a nice spot, sharing the space and the landscape with your grandfather and dad.

After a little more then a hour the weather behind our ridge went darker. Big, tall, gray clouds covered the hole area. Quite some distance away, but still. For us a clear sign to stop our flight of generations and start a relaxed glide to the landing field.

Off course I could have started a XC-flight at that day. But I had no wish to do so. I guess there are just a few days like this. Having the chance to share the landing field, with your dad and grandfather, what do you want more? At the end, everybody had a big smile on there face. Specially my Grandma.

PS: The last picture is from the same evening. Families-Barbecue at a nearby river.