The first things I remember from my childhood are all connected with skiing, climbing and traveling. This tells a lot about myself. It all began very relaxed. My dad got a small kids harness and I was allowed to “climb“ and "rapel“. To be honest, the rock was not much higher than a man tall. I scrambled up with hands and feet and he lowered me down. Anyway, I had lots of fun, right from the beginning.

My ambitions changed quite fast. It started with infrequent activity and went into a very regular thing quite soon. Skiing in wintertime and climbing in summer, this was how I liked it. At this time, the first climbing gyms started in our area. So I could do some training during the week as well. Still a perfect compensation to school for myself.

On the next pages you will see a couple of pictures from the last years. Shot mostly during our travels. There is no information about the grades attached. Why? Very simple, because they do not tell anything about the fun we had at this particular day or route. (Or even maybe not ;) . To give you a rough idea. The pictures you look at are up to French 8b+ at the routes and fb8a at bouldering. Additional, there are some pics from paragliding, skiing and other activities.