Briancon / France

If you go to school in Bavaria like I do, you have some days off around the end of May. In the other parts of Germany the summer holidays are near, but in Bavaria there are a couple of weeks to go. So we have a short break, before the finish.  Actually it is a pretty good time for some days off.

There is light for many hours and the weather in Europe should also be fine during this time of the year. In 2014 we thought about traveling south. But we did not want to drive too far. This is why we chose Briancon/France as destination. In the lower part it should be warm for sure and in the high valleys the temperature is still cool. You can change your final goal easily, depending on the actual weather and what you want to do.

The other cool thing concerning this area: There is an endless number of potential Climbing-, Paragliding- and Mountainbiking possibilities. Short sport climbs and wild high mountains are close to each other. At this time of the year there are flowers blooming everywhere. It is so nice. Hard to find a place like this. And in May there are no tourists around. Wonderful combination.

On this trip, we got joined by my friend Anselm Oberndorfer. We know each other from the Bavarian-Youth-Climbing-Team and get along very well. We had lots of fun, even when some routes withstood our attempts longer than we liked ;)

Pics: © Ralf Heuber