THE IDEA to this page.

The basic idea behind this part of my weppage is pretty simple. Everybody meets interesting people from time to time. Other fellow human beings who you are impressed by . May it be at home or during a trip. Sometimes it is even not connected to what you are interested in at this particular moment.

Like with IBRAHIM in the picture above. He is a very nice guy, a really good cook and has no relation to sports at all. For us, Ibrahim had been the good soul on our last trip to Turkey. I really would like to meet him again. Maybe we will find someone who could translate a little for us the next time. This would make communication a lot easier. Quite often it is this language barrier, which makes a better understanding of each user so much more complicated.

Anyway. On this part  of the page, I would like to introduce some nice people who impressed me.

SIMON MÜLLER . Gaisach . Germany

I have known Simon for a long time. As kids, we were in the same training group. Then we lost contact. Don`t know why.

For my 16th birthday I just had one single wish. I asked my parents if they could leave our house for a weekend. They agreed. The party was not bad at all ;). I recorded Simon’s early morning conversation with our cat with my smartphone. They talked about bacon. Who of the two of them gets which part. This recording is legendary.

It`s always funny to be on the road with him. We traveled to Rodellar/Spain in the summer of 2014 and he also was with us on our trip to Laos this year. Wonderful. I always feel good, when we do something together. At the moment, he makes  real progress in climbing. When he continues like this, I really have to watch out. Super cool.

Right now, he does a job training as a male nurse. Sometimes it`s very hard not to laugh out loud, when he is talking about his daily work in the hospital. But his real goal is to become a professional firefighter. I really hope he can do that. I`ll keep my fingers crossed for him and look forward to all the upcoming trips with him. We have a lot of ideas. It will be fun for sure. Stay tuned.